Want to book cheap flight tickets? Well, for all you travel enthusiasts who are always on the go, we’ve got you some important Tips which can assist you book cheap flights .

So, prepare to tick new destinations off your travel bucket list without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Be flexible with travel dates

You might have come across websites claiming that booking flight tickets on a Tuesday or travelling on a weekday would save you big money. But that’s not always true. So, we propose , you inspect the costs for the whole month. This way, you’ll get a transparent picture of days that are cheaper for your destination.

Where does one check the month prices? flick through Google Flights, Skyscanner or Hopper. Either try it on the web site or the mobile app. What you’ve got to try to to is just feed your departure and arrival cities.

First, check for one-way fare. Click depart, don’t enter a date, instead select the entire month. Then, click – search flights and you’ll get to understand the date which offers rock bottom fare

2. Make use of flight points

If you’re a frequent flyer of a specific airline, you certainly earn air miles points as a part of the loyalty program offered by the airline.

You can make most of those points while travelling to domestic destinations. However, if you earn more points, you’ll also qualify for a gift flight to your favourite destination.

3. Compare and buy flight tickets

Most of the travel search engines have inflated flight fares as a part of taking a cut from the airlines. So, we suggest you try search engines like Google FlightsSkyscannerJetRadar and cheapflight4u where you can get lower flight fares. What you’ve got to try to to is try all of them and compare the air fares for various airlines.

Go ahead and book your cheap flight tickets which offers the most cost effective air fares.

4. Book on the cheapest day

According to research, if you book your flight ticketsin the dark- Monday through Wednesday, you get cheaper air fares. So – stay awake, save more.

5. Plan your trip and flights booking well in advance

Freeze your holiday destination as per your interest.

Well, you can try buyworldtours. Simply select the any destination of your choice and get the best deals for the destination. This smart move will help you travel to exotic places and satiate the wanderlust in you.

If your travel dates and destination both are fixed, we suggest – you book your flight tickets right away. The reason being – as your departure date approaches, the airline fares will only increase, exceptions are very few here.

By booking your flight tickets well in advance, you can save big and utilise the savings for other enjoyable experiences.



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